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Saturday, April 30, 2016


There are a few different groups of recreational riders, you'll hear names like the Rec group, Slow Spokes Plus or SS+, CyclePaths, Bike Heroes, or even see it typed like Wreckreational as Dale likes to call his Rec Group.  Here are a couple definitions of two of the Recreational paced groups.  


Recreational rides with a pace that is between leisurely and moderate (13 to 16 mph ave.), covering distances of 30 to 100 miles with routes that vary between flat to extended climbs. This group rides on Saturday and / or Sunday morning/s.

Posted starting time is when we start! - NOT meet.

These rides are not for the beginner, but still serve as social / training ride while not being as agressive as the speedier folks. Most rides are posted on the KW Website. Bring tubes, tools, pump, energy bar or gel and at least two bottles of water. Changing your own tire helps, but normally you will get plenty of assistance. In fact, you'll probably recieve some advice on proper technique.

We take occasional breaks and will wait for slower riders. Some rides may include a planned stop for breakfast or lunch. These and other details will be included in the ride posting.

If you ride faster or slower then us we'll be happy to point you to a contact person for the group you may be better suited for.

If you have any questions email


CyclePaths are Slow Spokes at heart, but enjoy trying outlandish rides and don’t mind spending all day doing it.  Typical rides are usually 40-75+ miles with 2500-5000’ of climb, but we are always open to crazier ideas - often voting amongst ourselves the things we’d like to try.  We often ride with the Slow Spokes, but add bonus miles/climb.  If you are looking for a group to ride Centuries, Lion’s Trail, White Wolf, Breckenridge, or to Glenville and beyond, and want to be with riders that won’t abandon you, then we are the group you are looking for!  It helps to be certifiably insane, but not a requirement…that will come in time!

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