Come Ride With Us!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This riding group is for those that enjoy a little punishment with their training.  This is also a recreational group that likes to ride a brisk average pace between 16-18 mph on 50+ mile rides that are almost never flat.  The group uses techniques like pace-lining and flying ovals to make the ride faster.  However, most leaders of the rides like to offer their support if this is something you haven’t done before.  The group is friendly, very inviting, and enjoys a little conversation too.  They are Outspoken.

Some of the popular rides that this group will lead you are:

·         Woody to Alta Sierra and Return

·         Lion’s Trail (Caliente)

·         Keene/Tehachapi/Banducci Loop

·         Alfred Harrell Hwy to Cow Flats (Breckenridge Rd)

·         Woody Crossover from Yokuts

·         White Wolf Grade

·         Buttonwillow

The rides are posted on the forums under Outspoken Ride Postings.  Feel free to drop us a note on the forum, subscribe to, or meet up with us at the designated meeting spot.


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